International Association of TAI Martial Arts, Inc.

Steve, Frank, Robbie
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About the IATAIMA

This organization was started as an umbrella to cover and protect many of the local black belts who found themselves without a leader after the passing of Virgil Kimmey, and shortly there after found themselves without an organized association with the untimely death of David German. Both of these loses severly affected the martial arts leadership in our area and caused Steven Fishman to come up with the idea of forming our own association; a non-profit group whose sole purpose is continuing the legacy left by Mr. German and Mr. Kimmey.

Steven Fishman is our president and an 8th degree black belt in the association. He is assisted by Frank Beall, vice-president and 6th degree black belt in the IATAIMA. Finally, we have Robbie SIkes, 10th degree black belt and chairman of our association. Together, these three men strive to grow the organization slowly, while maintaining the integrity and morality that Mr. Kimmey instilled in each of them thru his teachings.

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